08/2014 - Present
Ph.D. Student, Department of Statistical Science, Cornell University
Anticipated time of graduation: 06/2019

09/2009 - 06/2013
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Department of Mathematical Science, Tsinghua University
Experimental class of fundamental mathematics and physics, School of Science

Visiting and Internships

05/2016 - 08/2016
Software Developer Intern at, Palo Alto, CA
Worked in Relevance Feature team under Product Search

08/2013 - 06/2014
Junior Visitor, Yau Mathematics Science Center, Tsinghua University


Yichen Zhou and Giles Hooker, 2016, “Interpreting Models via Single Tree Approximation”, under review.

Wenyu Zhang, Skyler Seto and Yichen Zhou, “Multivariate Time Series Classification Using Dynamic Time Warping Template Selection for Human Activity Recognition”, 2015 IEEE CIDM, in press.

Wang, Chong, Wanqing Du, Qian Peter Su, Mingli Zhu, Peiyuan Feng, Ying Li, Yichen Zhou et al. “Dynamic tubulation of mitochondria drives mitochondrial network formation.” Cell research (2015).


Cornell University

Teaching Assistant, STSCI 3080 Probability Models and Inference, 2016 Fall, 2016 Spring, 2015 Fall
Teaching Assistant, ILRST 2100 Introductory Statistics, 2015 Summer
Teaching Assistant, MATH 2930 Linear Algebra for Engineers, 2015 Spring
Teaching Assistant, MATH 4710 Basic Probability, 2014 Fall